Affordable Citizen watches are made by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1918 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. Citizen is a world leader in timekeeping technology, including the development of Eco-Drive and radio-controlled watches. Citizen also offers an extensive line of general and ladies’ fashion watches, as well as men’s sports watches that feature a variety of special features for every lifestyle. It’s note worthy to say that these are affordable Citizen watches.

Citizen watches are available in many styles, including dress watches, sporty models like the Citizen Promaster Diver watch, and more traditional designs like the classic Citizen Navihawk Chronograph GMT Black Dial Men’s Watch JY0010-52E(J)

Are Citizen Watches Affordable Field Watches?

Citizen watches are affordable, reliable, and well-made. They are also stylish as well as functional.

The Citizen Promaster series is a great choice for those looking for an affordable field watch that can stand up to the elements but still keep its style. The Eco-Drive movement means you never have to worry about changing batteries or winding the watch manually; all you need is light from any source (natural or artificial) and it will power your watch for years on end!

Is Citizen considered a luxury watch?

Citizen is not a luxury watch brand. Citizen is more of a mid-range watch brand and they have many different kinds of watches to suit all budgets.

What is Citizen watch famous for?

Citizen watches are famous for their accuracy and durability. They have been manufactured in Japan since 1930, and they have been making timepieces for more than 100 years. Citizen watches are also known for their affordability; you can find a great-looking watch at a price that won’t break your bank account. Finally, Citizen watches have an impressive style that makes them perfect for any type of outfit or occasion.

Are Citizen watches affordable?

Citizen watches are great value for money, especially if you’re looking for an affordable field watch. They are not luxury watches but they are also not cheap, so you can expect them to last and perform well. If you want to buy a watch as a gift or for yourself, Citizen is definitely worth considering because of their affordability and good quality. You can always check out our Citizen Watches models here

How do I identify my Citizen watch model?

You can identify your Citizen watch model by looking at the back of the watch. There will be a serial number and a model number printed on it. The model number is different for each watch, but it’s always made up of four digits: XX-XXX-XXX (where Xs are numbers). This means that if you have an 8-digit serial number, then take away 6 from it and add ‘000’ to get your 4-digit model code!

Where can I buy a Citizen watch in Cyprus?

You can buy a Citizen watch in Cyprus at ONNIK Time Center store, located in Larnaca, Cyprus. You can also navigate through ONNIK Time Center’s website to check out what we have available and inquire about it.


Citizen watches are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable field watch. They offer many different styles and colors, so there’s something for everyone. Citizen is also known as one of the top brands when it comes to quartz movement watches because they have been making them since 1970. If you want a luxury piece then this may not be right for you but if you’re looking for something affordable then Citizen will have something perfect!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Every Citizen watch represents the highest value for your money. Using solid materials, it is built to last and uses top-rate quality control to ensure that every piece meets the company’s high standards.

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