Tissot’s modern PRX series has been a huge success since its launch in 2021, expanding into an entire collection of watches ranging in different colours, sizes and even movements. However, one of the more significant (though less exciting) additions to the Tissot PRX collection has been the smaller 35mm models, designed for smaller wrists, making it available to a much wider audience.

Tissot PRX Bracelet

The integrated bracelet is incredibly well-crafted for its low price point, and if you’re buying a PRX, chances are the bracelet is a big part of why you want one.

With that in mind, the Tissot bracelet is similar to those found on other integrated bracelet sports watches – in that its structure is not completely flexible, and there is a maximum amount of curvature permitted by the design of both the end-links and the actual bracelet links themselves.

Tissot PRX Dial

Furthermore, despite its initial appearance, the Tissot PRX has a surprisingly large dial-to-case ratio. The angular design of its middle case hides this detail, but when you look at the dial in relation to the overall lug-to-lug profile of the watch, it takes up a significant space of the same overall distance. 

We all know that a watch’s dial-to-case ratio has a huge impact on how large it actually wears on the wrist, and when that ratio is large, watches typically wear much larger than their on-paper measurements would suggest.

Dials of Tissot PRX 35mm are available in the four classic colours including silver, light (icy) blue, dark blue, and green. The most versatile dial is without a doubt the silver one with the red-gold indices, but the light blue variation seems to be the most popular.
The 5th variation comes with a full covering of yellow gold in dial, case and bracelet!

Tissot PRX Design

Given that the Tissot PRX is an integrated bracelet watch, where the design of the bracelet is an integral part of the overall aesthetic, another factor to consider is the dial-to-bracelet ratio that you prefer on your wrist.

If the watch case takes up the entire top surface of your arm, the bracelet will be relegated to the sides and bottom, meaning it will be secondary to the case itself.
A smaller case size, on the other hand, means that more of the bracelet will be visible when you look down at your watch, and some designs simply look better with a bit more of the bracelet framing the case.

The Tissot PRX’s design makes it appear larger than its case measurements suggest, and the 35mm case option is a fantastic alternative for those who felt that the original 40mm version was a little too big for their wrist.

The movements that power these two watches with green dials are both powered by ETA quartz calibers (ETA F06.115 for the 40mm version and ETA F05.115 for the 35mm model). Aside from the size difference, the two battery-powered movements are nearly identical and should provide the same overall performance. 

In addition, all Tissot watches go under a thorough test, to check their water resistance. This is executed by testing the watches into situations that the watch could encounter in the real world, thus evaluating the watch’s resistance to pressure, collisions, liquids, gas, and dust penetration. 


Overall, the smaller (so far) Tissot PRX features all the same amazing qualities as the  original – bringing all the characteristics of the 1978 original watch – including comfortable wear, exceptional quality and above all competitive price!

The PRX has emerged as a fantastic daily accessory, both when worn alone and as a “must-have” addition in a collection.

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