Here at Onnik Time Center we have a fully equipped in-house services for luxury watch repairs, performed by well-trained and qualified watchmakers.

With our experience, we aim to achieve the best results when servicing a Rolex watch, and we also provide warranty to our customers to ensure that their valuable watch was taken care of from start to finish with the utmost attention.

Here’s what to expect from our Rolex repair services

We start off by removing the bracelet and then the case is returned to the case, where we undertake a thorough inspection of the mechanism and components..

After removing the mechanism from its case, we disassembled the watch in order to identify additional flaws, which are then replaced with original parts to ensure proper operation. All the dirt and residue are then removed, and all components are placed in a basket for cleaning. 

The mechanism is washed in special liquids in the washing machine, ensuring that all components are clean and that they will work properly.

All of the components, including the replaced parts, are then ready to be carefully assembled while being oiled at the appropriate points to ensure that the watch runs smoothly. Once all errors have been corrected, and all necessary joints have been oiled they are ready for inspection.
The mechanism is then placed on a timing machine to check the watch’s heart rate and is regulated to keep precise timing.

After completing the mechanism, the case and bracelet are polished using special mops while attempting to remove as many scratches as possible. The case is polished and cleaned carefully, paying special attention to the edges and lines. The bracelet is deep cleaned depending on the material. After the polishing, the case and bracelet are rinsed in an ultrasonic machine to remove any remaining dirt and muck.

The water resistance of the watch is just as important as the overall service because water can cause a lot of damage. As a result, after all seals are replaced, the case is placed in a compression chamber to test its resistance and ensure that it is waterproof/resistant. Using a specialised vacuum machine to test its resistance and cycles, the case will be in perfect condition.

Once the cleaning and inspection process is finished, the Rolex watch is reassembled and then we perform a final checkup. We then place it on the winding machine for 5 days to ensure proper operation and timing.

When the last step is completed the watch is ready to be returned to you! 

Owning a Rolex watch is not just wearing a good classic timepiece… it is important to maintain and take good care of it in order to keep its value and condition! For more information regarding our Rolex repair services and to book an appointment with us, do not hesitate to contact us via on 24 654506, or visit our website.