Following the announcement of Oris’ recent achievement of climate neutrality and the promise of a published sustainability report for 2022, the Swiss brand has announced the release of new Aquis models that mark their commitment to sustainability by using recycled ocean plastics to create unique and colourful dials.

The Aquis Date Upcycle, a new version of Oris’s core dive watch line, will be available in 41.5mm and 36.5mm sizes, with PET plastic dials. The same material was used on a special caseback medallion featured in Oris’s Clean Ocean Limited Edition, an ocean-conservation-themed Aquis released 3 years ago. 

Oris’ previous partnership with Everwave (formerly known as Pacific Garbage Screening) to support the process of reducing the impact of plastics in the oceans, along with this release of the Oris Aquis Date Upcycle demonstrates the effort to create something unique and special from reused plastic.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something different than a standard black- or blue-dialled dive watch, the Aquis Date Upcycle is anything but an ordinary watch! 

Apart  from the colourful dial effect, both sizes of the Aquis Date Upcycle are identical to their non-recycled siblings. Both case sizes are stainless steel, with matching steel bracelets, a date window at six o’clock, and grey ceramic inserts set into unidirectional bezels, as well as 300m water resistance.

While each dial is unique to the watch, the general colour space of each size appears to be intentional, with the smaller case size displaying an array of brighter colours and the larger case size displaying a slightly more muted palette.

Both Upcycles, surrounded by the grey tone of the ceramic bezel insert, are not forced to compete with any other element of the watch in terms of colour, so the dial projects in a way that almost replaces the time display.
The patterning is complex, similar to the way clouds form in the sky or oil cascades on the surface of water. The more punchy dial of the 36.5mm Upcycle often appears to be glowing due to the use of an internal power supply. 

Zoom out just a little and the dials take on a painterly quality, with the colours blending and transitioning as a whole while responding to ambient light with an impressive array of highlights and depth.

Given that the recycled nature of the dial is a key factor in the Upcycle watch it stands to reason that the dial is, by far, the defining experience of actually wearing the watch. Sure, it’s still an Aquis, and if you’ve read previous reviews on this model, you’ll know that they’re solid dive watches with short lugs that help to make a somewhat chunky and purposeful design quite wearable.

The bezel is clicky, not overly weighted, and the bracelet is nicely made, quite comfortable, and includes a clasp-based extension.

Both versions wear a little smaller than you might expect due to the short lugs and relatively thin case, but the dials make up the lion’s share of the dreamy wrist presence.

The Aquis Date Upcycle is a one-of-a-kind watch that emphasises both the need to protect our world’s water from further plastic pollution, and demonstrates how recycled materials can be reused for new and creative uses.

It is a reminder of a sobering reality that affects all of us, and it’s encouraging to see Oris continue to support ocean conservation and collaborate with those who are actively working to raise awareness for the protection of our oceans.

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