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Onnik Yenovkian & Son Ltd was established in October 1963. Our shop is located in the center of Larnaca on Zinonos Kitieos Street. We are professional watch dealers. We specialize only on Watches. We are Official sellers for exclusive Swiss brands and many Selected fashion brands. We have a big variety of price ranges to please every customer. All the watches we sell are authentic with a 2-5 year guarantee.

At Onnik Time Center Watches we offer in house watch repairs & services to ensure your watch to be in utmost condition, with expert guidance we take care of your watch under factory guidelines.

From replacing a worn-out strap to repairing a damaged watch, we undertake all kinds of repairs. Onnik Time Center Watches is also certified by many Swiss brands for official repairs and quality services.Watch Repairs & Services

Mechanical as well as quartz watches are made up of  countless of tiny parts which are in continuous operation. Because of this reason they’re subject to wear and tear. But with regular care, your watch will keep operating for many years. 

We advice servicing or checking your watch every four to five years, even if it still seems to be in perfect working order. This is because lubricants that prevent friction tend to solidify and in due time, it’s possible to break down and components need replacing, which of course these vary according with how much care you are handling your timepiece.

When servicing a mechanical watch, we perform a various series of checks to make sure your watch returns in working order. Our watch repairs & services include:

  1. Examine case and dial.
  2. Remove the movement from the case and dismantle it.
  3. Locate problem and replace original components.
  4. Place all the small parts into a basket and go through the cleaning machine for a thorough wash.
  5. Assemble everything together while carefully using different oils to oil all the necessary joints.
  6. Using accurate timing machine we regulate the watch into exact timekeeping.
  7. Place the movement back into the case.
  8. Check hands and date indication.
  9. Use automatic winder to double check watch timekeeping.
  10. Double check watch operation for three days.

Quartz watches don’t have as many moving components as mechanical watches but they still require maintenance and regular checkup.

  1. Examine case and dial.
  2. Remove battery and check.
  3. Remove movement from case and dismantle.
  4. Locate problem and replace original components.
  5. Place all the small parts into basket and go through the cleaning machine for a thorough wash.
  6. Assemble everything together while carefully using different oils to oi the necessary joints.
  7. Using accurate quartz tester we examine all aspects of the watch such as the quartz, the coil, the rotor.
  8. Place movement back into the case.
  9. Check hands and date indication.
  10. Clean and double check watch operation for three days.

A battery operating watch can stop at any time. Therefore we advice you to replace or check the battery of your watch at least every 1-2 years since battery sometimes create leakage.

Replacing a battery in the watch has a few steps:

  1. Open watch back case carefully.
  2. Check and replace battery.
  3. Check quartz, coil, wheels are all running smoothly.
  4. Replace seal if needed.
  5. Setting and synchronizing date and time.

Most of the watches have to be tested in order to prevent water from penetrating. Best advice is to double check the sealing of your watch every 2-3 years just to keep your watch in good condition and to be safe from water. Diving watches which are over 100 meters should be tested every two years since they may be used in more day to day rough circumstances. Visiting our store we can ensure your watch is safe from water. If not we can order the correct seals and components and water test your watch to correct pressure needed. After all we offer the best Watch Repairs & Services in Cyprus.

At Onnik Time Center we also have the expertise to fully polish your timepiece into its prime condition. Every watch is best to be checked once a year to keep their utmost quality and condition due to wear and tear. By doing so you keep the value of your watch and your wristwatch remains clean and undamaged:

1) After checking thoroughly your watch we make a quote of how much it will cost.
2) Later the watch is separated from the bracelet, buckle and case and movement inside.
3) It is dismantled into pieces and using different mops and pastes we remove all the scratches and dirt.
4) When the case and buckle are polished all components are then washed by hand and placed into a rinsing basket with special liquids.
5) All pieces are dried and assembled together for final checkup.

Good quality watches are also considered to be an investment due to the fact that they dont lose much of their value therefore it’s important you insure it against damage, loss and theft.

To do this, you’ll need to know how much the watch is worth. According to your insurance needs we can prepare an accurate valuation by using our knowledge and expertise from the current watch market. We are fully acknowledged by the insurers. 

We also sell a lot of watch accessories such as leather straps, rubber straps and metallic bands.  We supply from original watch brands and also universal to match all the needs for every timepiece. We have a big variety of colour straps and also in different sizes from 6mm up to 36mm.  To keep your watch clean and in good condition it’s always good to change your watch strap every 1-2 years. 

We have many years of experience in Watch Repairs & Services. Get in touch with us today to arrange your appointment.

Every mechanical watch has a power reserve from 40h to 80h after that if there is no movement the watch will stop as the power supply has run out.  Therefore we provide and sell watch winders in order for the customer to place the watch inside the box which allows it to move in circular rotation therefore keeping the watch wound up and in working condition.  This way you never  have to worry to set the time and date of your wristwatch again.

  1. A mechanical watch should be checked once every 1-2 years by your watchmaker or an authorized dealer and serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. When winding your watch in a clockwise direction it’s always better to remove it from your wrist so that you won’t break the winding stem.
  3. Replace broken or scratched crystals immediately. Even a tiny crack can let dust and moisture into the watch therefore, threatening its accuracy.
  4. Always check how much water-resistant your watch is before using it in the shower or pool as it may not resist the pressure.
  5. Take your watch to your watchmaker to replace the battery in a quartz watch before it runs out. Batteries left in the watch can leak or corrode, ruining the watch. Do not attempt to change the battery in a watch yourself.
  6. If your watch is water-resistant, you can give it a quick cleaning with a mixture of warm water and soap to remove oil and dirt. After cleaning Dry the watch with a soft cloth. If your watch has a strap made out of leather it’s better not to put it in the water.
  7. Never change the date of your watch during 11pm-1am.  Because it is at this time when wheels engage to change the date and therefore you can damage them while making the attempt.
  8. Always clean your watch in fresh water after you finish swimming.  The salt from the sea can damage the bezel of your watch and create dirt.
  9. Never spray perfume or sprays or put different creams on your watch.  This may affect your watch case and cause discoloration especially on PVD plating.
  10. Always check your crown on your watch to be tightly screwed when going for a swim (this refers more for divers or sport watches with screw crowns only).
  11. Watches are affected by magnetic fields.  Avoid leaving them near equipment that can create a strong magnetic field such as computers, mobile phones, tablets.  These will affect the timekeeping of the watch.
  12. Do not leave your watch in the sun as this may affect watch case and cause discolouration such as on the strap or dial.

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Time Center gives an international note to the watch scenery in Larnaca and in Cyprus. Impeccable service and extensive knowledge surrounding watches. Truly experts in their field.From a simple polish to a complicated specific watch service the experience is first class